As our initial step towards public outreach, Kosbare Int. will be collaborating with the Keetmanshoop Gemstone Center. With this partnership, we will be able to assist the center in their efforts to provide well trained workers for this increasingly demanding industry. Please follow the link to learn more about the Keetmanshoop Gemstone Center.

About Us

​​​Kosbare International is our plan that will help us change the world. With the conveniences of modern technology, we are able to build a new foundation for social and economic good. Our hope is that by chronicling our stories and experiences, we will be able to bring the world a unique and unbiased representation of international culture and social issues.

Kosbare International LLC was founded in early 2015 by four friends from the United States. We plan to spend our lives contributing toward the greater good for humanity.  That is why we decided to start a company that would put people first, and operate based on integrity and respect. By partnering with small scale miners in Southern Namibia, we will use our resources to help them break out of a market dominated by large corporations (five major corporaations account for 95% of Namibias mining income). We have created a platform to bring their jewelry and gemstones to people worldwide. There has never been a better time to start an internet based business. The ease and affordability of e-commerce eliminates the need for a storefront. With advances in global logistics, and ever increasing consumer confidence, more people are purchasing online every day. By bringing these tools to less developed regions, we will allow small scale miners and craftsmen to compete in a global market on their own terms. Further, we will use the resources generated to bolster the small scale mining industry and promote safety, ethics, and environmental consciousness. Kosbare International will change the world; this is how we start.

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Keetmanshoop Gemstone Center


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